101 Reasons to Choose a Brain Educator as a Consultant

Here is a compilation of 101 “reasons” why you might want to consult with a brain educator. It’s based primarily on my own personal experience – an N of 1. The primary advantage is that I bring to the table is an intimate knowledge of all the conditions and circumstances below and can readily recognize when others are struggling with them.

Shrink Wrapped

1. We can often recognize and remedy signs of compromised brain functioning.

2. We are not solely reliant upon your fee for survival.

3. We’re rarely subject to marketplace fads and self-promotions.

4. We can generally avoid unconsciously created client dependencies.

5. Client – consultant interests are rarely misaligned or in conflict.

6. Motivated Reasoning will only occasionally provide poor direction.

7. We have no involvement with HMO’s (need I say more?).

8. We bring critical awareness of transference/countertransference to the work.

9. We are not subject to licensing requirements that limit effectiveness.

10. We operate meta-morally.

11. We are Listening Legends.

12. We are intimately familiar with the creative power of transient hypofrontality.

13. We know the power in positively answering The Big Brain Question.

14. We rarely subject clients to the Actor-Observer Bias

15. We very often ask “How can…?” rather than “Why?” or simply “How?”

16. We focus on turning poison into medicine.

17. We’re very skillful in addressing The Einstellung Effect.

18. We know the power of making an Irrational Commitment.

19. We’re familiar with the Genetics of Joy.

20. We support and encourage speaking truth to power.

21. We fully understand the impact of The Ritual Tribal Abandonment of Mothers.

22. We can help you deal with The Super-Secret Enemy.

23. We skillfully work with flexible, impeccable scheduling.


25. We solicit constructive live-session feedback.

26. We work toward measurable, recognizable results.

27. We are intimately skilled in the workings of Polyvagal Theory.

28. We recognize the need for and work required on Forgiveness.

29. We’re familiar with the 9 Pathways of Neural Integration.

30. We understand the importance of Play.

31. We work to eliminate any inherent conflicts of interest.

32. We can teach you to trust in “The Thoughtful Bowel.”

33. We are intimately familiar with how each of The Seven Brains work.

34. We grok the power of prosody in relationships.

35. We recognize that there’s a real Science of Hope.

36. We help you fully attain the critical 1% improvement.

37. We help co-design, encourage and support Deliberate Practice.

38. We are skilled at helping people master moral tests.

39. We do our best to help right any Work / Play imbalance.

40. We are knowledgeable about a wide variety of Integration Modalities.

41. We work to help resolve The Prefrontal Paradox.

42. We promote and encourage varieties of healthy emotional self-regulation.

43. We can c0-create ways to skillfully work with The Three Noble Principles.

44. We’re familiar with the many, many ways people Lose Their Smiles.

45. We have lots of examples for both waking up and growing up in handling money.

46. We can help you become your own Chief Adrenal Officer.

47. We have a wealth of experience in helping people navigate The Uncanny Valley.

48. We know the value of vulnerability as a requirement for Whole Heartedness.

49. We recognize how working through adversity establishes a foundation for hope.

Just Plain nuts50. We help make love and belonging non-negotiable.

51. We can point to the riches that can result from facing your demons.

52. We are mindful not to reenact trauma without attempting resolution.

53. We are rarely victimized by the Overconfidence Effect.

54. We tend to offer authentic rather than Idiot Compassion.

55. We’re not handcuffed by confidentiality. We don’t have to report you when your brain malfunctions.

56. We are learners and collaborators and thus less handicapped by own self-development (or lack thereof).

57. We tend to have close contact with The Conversational Nature of Reality.

58. We’re skilled in working with negative transferences.

59. We have tried and true methods of teaching you to relax and open to the unknown.

60. We can help you face and embrace life’s fierce need to change you.

61. We rarely feel victimized by information bias.

62. We know the importance of, and have ways and means for repairing ruptured relationships.

63. We are intimately familiar with the energy challenges of really skillful listening.

64. We can help you explore The Two Perilous Questions.

65. We are intimately aware of the strengths and limitations of Emotional Mutability.

66. We have great experience working with The Unthought Known.

67. We have the tools and experience to steer you away from The 4 Horsemen of Neuro-Annihilation.

68. Expectation to respond to emergencies during non-work hours

69. We deliberately address adverse possibilities of blindness to Outcome Bias.

70. Susceptibility to the Illusion of Control

71. Too much work; not enough help

72. Self-imposed or client-imposed elevated stress levels

73. Getting booted off the positive transference pedestal

74. Regularly succumbed to Trait Ascription Bias


75. The inevitable “Black Swan” client

76. No paid sick-leave

77. Few tools for addressing Unthought Known

78. Client perception distortion

79. Continual focus on emotionally traumatic experience

80. Frequent struggle with Backfire Effect

81. Belonging to the 95% cohort who think we’re above average


83. We enjoy the challenge of changing perspective when new info comes to light (The Dude Effect)

84. We pay attention to and work to overcome the Curse of Knowledge

85. We keep close tabs on any Empathy Gap

86. We’re rarely  Functionally Fixed in our consulting approach

87. We deliberately avoid Idiot Compassion


89. No legal requirement to betray trusting, vulnerable clients

90. We’re savvy in knowing how to counteract the brain’s Inherent Negativity Bias

91. We’re only occasionally susceptible to the Observer-Expectancy Effect

92. We’re rarely seduced into therapeutic nihilism

93. We make accurate, ongoing assessments of Hippocratic Oath adherence


95. We have many tools in the box to combat the Pro-Innovation Bias

96. We’re unlikely to subject clients to the Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy

97. We’re sufficiently experienced not to make the Fundamental Attribution Error

98. We appropriately employ the Illusion of Transparency

99. We’re generally willing to deal with our own transient, temporary insanity

100. We refuse to allow the Dunning-Kruger Effect to run rampant

101. We have little inclination to subject clients or this list to the Semmelweis Reflex

102. No concern with the DSM-V (On my deathbed I’ll have zero interest in proclaiming: “I got all the Diagnostic Codes correct!”)

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