Your Brain’s Missing Ingredient

Greetings, friends,

I’m getting ready to announce the Social Neuroscience training for 2015-2016 on the blog. This year there will be some significant changes based upon the ongoing feedback I’ve received from each of the previous year’s trainings.

The First Change

abrain psychedelicThe focus for the six-month training for the general public will shift somewhat. The sessions in 2015-16 will be primarily oriented towards how personal and professional relationships can positively or adversely affect brain function. I’ve gone through the sessions and eliminated things that might be nice to know, leaving those things we are well-served to know. The training will be broken up into 2 six-week, stand-alone sections, with a 6 week Integration Break between each section, effectively extending the training over an 18 week time frame.

You can find the details of the 2015-16 training by clicking this link:

The Social Neuroscience 6-Month Training 2015-16

The Second Change

Abrain 2In each of the last three years a small number of people in the trainings for the general public have requested more time to go slowly and more deeply into the material, and to do so in ways that were personally relevant to their own lives. I have been more than happy to accommodate a small number of such requests. In response, this year as well I will be offering a second, formally structured extended training to a handful of people who are well-matched for and meet the criteria for this level of exploration.

You can find the details of the Extended In-Depth Training by clicking this link:

The Social Neuroscience Extended In-Depth Training

I’m looking forward to mutual explorations with a select number of you in the coming year.

The Third Change

Finally, for those of you who want to explore things in your own way on your own timeline, I’m offering this series of 12 audio/video sessions available on Vimeo at a substantially reduced cost.

Social Neuroscience Self-Directed Training

Here’s to your increasing health and knowledge about this most dynamic, vital organ.
Sincerely yours,


P.S. Many internet gurus suggest that I exploit brain limitations by sending you this message three or four times. I won’t be doing that. Due to my limited availability, this is the only announcement you will receive.

P.S.S. Your brain’s missing ingredient is clear, simple understanding about how it works, but moreover, how it works best.

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