The Neuro-cardio Elements of the Heroine’s Journey

  The Journey Begins

The Heroine has an outer challenge to face and a neuro-cardio history yearning to be healed – i.e. a disorganized brain and a broken heart (compressed HRV)

Accomplishing these goals requires taking a journey to new and unknown, often frightening places.

The Journey offers a promise of growth, healing and redemption.

Finding the Guide

amazing_treeThe Guide appears; acknowledges and respects the wounding and shame lurking in the Heroine’s neurobiology.

The Guide sees far beyond the Heroine’s present limitations.

The Guide offers an invitation and simultaneously a challenge to take the Heroine’s Neuro-cardio Adventure

Attaching to the Guide

The Guide has discovered something essential and significant and believes the Heroine can discover it as well.

The Heroine becomes aware that the Guide perceives something real and authentic in the world and in her as well.

The Heroine gradually begins to expand to fill the Guide’s vision.

The Challenge

Present systems and circumstances and the current condition of the Heroine are insufficient and cannot save her.

She must venture forth beyond the safe and familiar confines of her life and beliefs.

Past rules and unexamined assumptions must be questioned in order to find what can only be found elsewhere.

The Heroine’s Discovery

owl womanLimitations exist only in our neuro-cardiology.

Confronting, healing and integrating fear and pain can be the gateways to new worlds.

Power is discovered in vulnerability; freedom is found in answering The Big Brain Question (BBQ) for self and others.


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